Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Neverending Story

So I just got back from my friends baby shower , which was great by the way, she's having a boy. Three of my friends are pregnant right now! Actually it was four until Michelina had her baby on April 23rd. YAY! Anyway they are all expecting boys! Mamac-ta is one of those! How cute is she?! So I walk upstairs to Hailee's room , where she is watching The Neverending Story. I love that movie! It reminds me of being a kid watching it. You know that feeling you get when you watch some of those old movies? It's great reliving your childhood through your children. So she's like , I can't find my favorite cd! I look and she's sleeping with my old cassette tape TOOL , OPIATE. She's been carrying this around with her all day! While we were at the community center for my friends baby shower, she ran up to my MIL and said , "This is my favorite cd mom-mom!" It's not like Hailee knows whats even on there. It's just the fact that she showed my mother in law who is the sweetest most religious woman, this tape cover. Have you ever seen the cover? It's like this alien/demon guy in a priests attire. Not to mention the names of the songs. One of them JERK OFF. I said "Oh thats mine!" She's probably wondering why her son married this heathen!. Nah, she loves me:0) Hailee takes to bed with her some strange stuff, you gotta love her. Some nights she sleeps with my husbands poker chips. Other nights it's a hair brush or other random objects she's come across, that she thinks are cool. Oh and also a few of her million stuffed animals! So, do your kids take strange stuff to bed with them?


Blogger Mrs. Flinger said...

HA! I'm just waiting for LB to do that. I fear when she can crawl and get into stuff she shouldn't. Like the trash in the bathroom. Ahhh, being a mom, ROCKS.

Weird stuff to bed? only because we BUY her weird stuff. Like a blanket with a frog head. Eery.

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