Thursday, June 09, 2005

Toadally Fruity

Does anyone know about toad care? We were at a friends BBQ this weekend and they caught a toad! Hailee with her little love for all living creatures was so excited wanting to keep it! How could I say no to that face! So we have the toad and know nothing about caring for it. She was outside trying to catch BIG ASS black ants to feed it yesterday! Maybe she could just go downstairs in the basement and find him a gourmet meal of wolf spiders, thousand leggars(MY WORST!) and crickets. This is the little girl who was so infatuated with picking up and catching the Cecadas when they came last year after being gone for 17 years. One time we were on a walk and she was holding one the proper way by pinching its wings together. I was pregnant with Gianna at the time. I looked down to see that this big bug was missing his thorax but still alive! I almost hurled all over my daughter because something was oozing out of the part that was sill living! People had fun with these things! In DC they were like a delicacy served and prepared like crawfish. MMMMMM! WHAT A TREAT! Isn't your mouth watering just thinking about it? How bout covered in chocolate? people were pretty much using them in fondue! EWWW!


Blogger Rhonda said...

I dont know how to care for a toad sorry. I guess I am really no help, lol. I do understand having a child with the love for all living creatures. My son is the exact same way. As of right now he has approximately 8 turtles in a bucket in his room - yuck! They stink so bad, he found them at the pond. But believe me we have had almost everything (except a toad) Crazy kids.

11:49 AM  
Blogger KELLI BELLY said...

Thats so funny Rhonda! I'm sure Hailee will start doing stuff like that too! Where did you get the turtles from?

5:43 PM  
Blogger KB said...

how cool that you let her bring it home!! I could have never done such a thing. LOL

7:26 AM  

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