Monday, November 06, 2006

Boys will be boys

So we were just sitting down for a nice dinner of sausage, peppers ,onions, garlic and sauce over farfalle when my husband decided to be the manly man he is. My mom came by to pick up Hailee to spend the night with her and was going to stay for dinner too. As I was putting food on one of the plates I heard it cracking right down the middle. I quickly removed the food and put the plate in the trash. I had my back turned for a second when I hear a HY-AHH! Since there was a crack in the plate Aaron wanted to karate chop it in half. Well it did break, but so did the skin on his knuckle. He sliced it down to the bone and there was glass under his skin. I just shook my head and sent him on his merry way up the street to Express care. The rest of us finished our lovely meal. They are stitching up his finger as I type this. It's really comical because he does stuff like this quite often. Like punching a hole in the wall he just built downstairs. And he thinks I'm psychotic! Oh well, I still love him and at least he makes me laugh. Even if it's at his expense :0) Can anyone relate?


Anonymous sarahgrace said...

OUCH!! Poor guy! You must deal with this a lot the way you handled it like a pro. hubby isn't too accident prone, however, I have a feeling I have my fair share of accidents ahead of me with the two boys...(rolling my eyes here...)

9:55 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

I hope he feels better!

When can we meet?

7:53 AM  
Blogger Anne said...

oh man, my husband (before i knew him) tried to karate chop a potato with his butcher knife and managed to slice his knuckle. what gives with these boneheads?

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Mama C-ta said...

LOL OMG silly husband. Is he OK?

8:29 PM  
Anonymous you da mom said...

at least he went to the hospital. my husband would probably be like, "i'm okay, everything's fine," and be bleeding profusely!

12:23 AM  
Blogger Little Miss said...

LMAO! (sorry MR. KB)

but is this like the time my husband got so mad at me that he went outside (in a rage of fury) to play rollerhockey? And ended up breaking his collar bone?

5:55 AM  
Blogger BJ said...

As I sit here had to have been there to get the whole picture! I love you though, Aaron. Even though you are a knuckle head yourself! I have to say, he took it like the man I reminded him he was. What a man, what a man!

3:29 PM  

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