Sunday, November 12, 2006

The results of a bouncing two year old

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I went to change her matress cover and found this!!!! She's been bouncing in the same spot for the last year. This is only a five year old crib matress. Sealey Posturpedic too! I was horrified! Really it's only had two (good) years of use. Hailee always slept in my bed. If she hadn't climbed out of her crib the other night I probably would have found this later. Is this normal? You would think it would have held up better than this. * Mom, if your seeing this for the first time here. LOOK WHAT GIANNA DID!


Blogger BJ said...

Gees! I just might make a call to the K*** Q******. I'm thinking that truthfully, that mattress has been slept on very little. Now, jumped on by the G, alot. I think the next bambino will need a new mattress. She is the cutest little stinker I know!!

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