Friday, June 10, 2005

Mike & Nerissa

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Our friends Mike and Nerissa came to visit from Arizona. They're awesome and it was so good to see them! We want to visit them soon. Aaron has never really experienced the beauty of the west, so I think it's time for a vacation! (Sedona AZ, Moab,Arches Natl Park, Great Salt Lake Desert, Grand Canyon, Lake Tahoe(Where my VW couldn't handle the altitude and broke down. We ate at the seedxling cafe though, YUM and my list could go on and on:0))Oh Did I mention California north and south, how could I forget!. So hopefully soon!


Blogger Anne said...

oh WOw, Shan and I eloped and were married in is GORGEOUS and perfect for outdoorsy types...yummy energy vortexes. :) New mexico is cool too. Hmmm, are there any states that have no redeeming features? I've never been to Ohio.

6:35 AM  
Blogger KB said...

I love northern California

7:28 AM  

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