Saturday, June 18, 2005

Whats that smell?

Why it's the smell of my Power Book G4 resting on top of my clean laundry that I haven't folded yet. This thing gets so hot. It's wrong. I always put a pillow on my lap but still can feel the heat. I wanted to have a drink to wind down the evening but I'm a little nauseated for some reason. No not pregnant. I'm in CODE RED as we speak. Pretty quiet around here now. Hailee's at mom-moms, Gianna's asleep, Aarons laying on the couch and I'm typing away with one finger. I should be asleep. Hey is anyone else in love with the movie, LOVE ACTUALLY? Cuz I am! Now I wan't to go to England. Actually I wan't to go everywhere. Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia... I wan't to see some culture! I wan't to see rainforests and jungles and take water specimens from rivers and look at mountains and volcanos! I need to get out of this town for a while. I'm getting that itch. I just don't want my kids or pets to be eaten by Lions in my backyard in Africa. Or have to endure all the shots required to go to Africa. ONE DAY, AHHHHHH!


Blogger Peanutt said...

Love Actually is a great movie! I'm like you, want to go everywhere!!!

9:53 AM  
Blogger Mrs. Flinger said...

I'm sorry,.... you had me at POWERBOOK G4.

I can't read anymore. Am too jealous. My G3 ibook is pissed at me. All I can EVER talk about it my love for his cousin the Powerbook G4... *sigh*

4:51 PM  
Blogger KELLI BELLY said...

LOL! Leslie don't be jealous, It's really Aaron's , he brought it home from work one day, we ordered high speed internet and the rest is history. This laptop gets more booty then his! and now I have a problem. Do they have Bloggers Anonymous? I'm really going to have to be detoxed slowly.

6:13 PM  
Anonymous Nicole said...

I love that movie! It is best movie about love (all types) that I've ever seen. I've watched my DVD over and over again!

P.S. Got here from Elaine's site and had to say hi!

6:57 PM  

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