Thursday, June 16, 2005

Anyone, Anyone, Anyone, Bueller, Bueller, Bueller

Has Anyone in the history of mankind ever had success at using their home treadmill? Because for some reason when I get on ours, I am forced to get off after 5 min due to the fact that I just HAVE TO GET OFF OF IT. I don't know but I can not get motivated to get on that thing! I use it to hang clothes on. It's a nice one too. It inclines and shows your calories...My mom gave it to me because she never used it, except to hang clothes on. Aaron told me I would never use it. He was right . I need motivation. Maybe if it was in our living room and I had to look at it all the time. But it's in our basement. Finished basement but still down there!


Blogger Peanutt said...

Amen sister!!! I have moved mine to various places in the house thinking that "this will be the best spot!" to no avail. Moved it to the basement in front of the tv thinking, I can do it down here with noone around while I watch some tv, to no avail, it is now folded up in the storage room in the basement, which is funny you posted this, because I have been thinking about this treadmill that I JUST HAD TO HAVE, (yes, hubby said we had one before that I didn't use and I responded, this one is WAY better than that one was!!!!)and taking it out again, because I have just been in the mood to walk it! Wish me luck as I wish luck to you in finding peace with the treadmill! LOL.

10:18 AM  
Blogger Heaven Sent said...

Working out at home is a lost cause for me... I have to go to a gym otherwise the couch looks much more comfortable. BUT once I am at the gym, the only thing that keeps me motivated on the treadmill is music. Do you have a favorite CD that gets you all revved up? That might keep you going. It may even help take your mind off the million other things you could be doing... Good luck! :o)

10:28 AM  
Blogger KELLI BELLY said...

Thanks guys!

1:04 PM  
Blogger dakotablueeyes said...

Well I had my gazelle,stepper, and ab lounge in the living room to look at them and still didn't motivate me to get on them so unless you are motivated changing where you put them isn't going to work.

1:10 PM  
Blogger Mama C-ta said...

I'm not that great at working out at home but get me in a gym and I hate to leave! I never had room for any kind of machinery though but I really think I'd work out on a bowflex...I think??? Nah, probably not.

1:23 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

hmmm. i know if i had one it would be for hanging laundry too. good luck with that! wahhhh!

7:15 PM  
Blogger BJ said...

Yea, Kelli now has the treadmill that I had for years and used only for drying/hanging clothes on. It was great for that. I detest any type of exercise equipment or exercise routine. I am not motivated and wish that I were. But truthfully, I need to exercise/diet. I want to be around for a long while to enjoy all the grandchildren and their mommies and daddies too.

4:53 AM  

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