Wednesday, June 27, 2007

First belly shot (6 weeks)

six weeks preggo
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The nausea has already set in.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hailee & Mocha

H & Mocha
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Look how big Mocha is at just 5 months. She's such a great dog. Not like a normal puppy. She gets excited when people first come in but is much too lazy to keep it up for long. She just lies around during the day and doesn't require much exercise(my kind of dog)in fact your not supposed to over exercise them. I cant recommend this breed enough :o) The only thing is, is that she's starting to pull when I take her out to pee. We really have to take care of this now. These dogs are able to pull up to like 4000lbs when they are adults.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So Far So Good

I had my first Ob appointment today. It went really well. Except for the fact that both the girls were in the room with me while I had my exam, including breasts! Not that they've never seen their mom naked. Because I'm naked a lot around the house. No biggie here. It's just their not use to me with my legs up in the air with a man hiding between them. They stayed at the other end of the room and I made Hailee read Gianna a story. I just told Hailee they were checking out my belly to see if the baby was ok. She was fine with it and didn't see anything. Usually I would have had a sitter but. Everyone was busy. My hubby was in a meeting downtown. Mom was working, MIL was with my FIL(He just had surgery), friends of family were at a playgroup in Pennsylvania and other friends with out kids were working. Anyhoo, I've had my blood drawn twice so far to check levels and everything seems to look good. I go back in two weeks and before that I'll get a ultrasound. My boobs hurt, I'm a little nauseated during the day, I'm tired and GASSY. I don't mind because I know it's good that I'm having symptoms. The cramping isn't so bad either. Did I mention that I was gassy? Got my vitamins with the added fish oil capsules too. I'm going to try to take them at night so I don't feel like hurling during the day :o) I'm glad to join you other pregnant mamas out there. Exciting.

Well got to give the girls a bath we just got finished swimming at a friends house and I can't wait to crawl into that bed. My poor husband is probably lonely at night because I'm ready for bed at 8:00. I just ate a huge plate of pasta bruschetta after vowing not to gain 60lbs this time around. I think I can do it. 60lbs is too hard on your body after labor. Not to mention too hard to take off the second time around. I can't imagine how long it will take me the third!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Looks like our plans to adopt have been put on hold for a while!

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I know I haven't posted in a long time , but I wanted to share my happy news with you all. I am so excited but a little nervous because of my past two miscarriages. I know God is good though and we have been praying very hard. We were open to life. Either biologically or by ways of adoption. I've been praying that God would make it very clear to us what we should do. And he did! I still want to adopt from Ethiopia in the future but for right now, I will enjoy this little surprise. After we told Hailee today she was so excited. She kind of had an idea because I bought one of those "special toothbrushes" that you pee on. That's what she calls them. She is such a wonderful little girl. She told me that her prayers came true because after I would tuck her in at night she would ask god to please let her mommy be pregnant so she can be a big sister again. She also prayed that God won't take this baby to heaven. She amazes us everyday. I've been a little crampy, but if I remember correctly I was in the beginning with both of my girls too. Does anyone remember feeling a little crampy? Anyhoo, I am just going to think positively and thank God for this little miracle . P.S. pray for stickiness :o)