Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Back from the beach

So we're back from the beach. I love weekend gettaways but they just aren't long enough. We had a great time and spent way too much money:0) Hailee got a ton of stuff. Her daddy just can't resist. She got eyeball spaghetti, glow sticks, stuffed animals, Strange rubber spikey ball things, and much more... There's a store down there called Coconut Kids that has big name clothes in little kid sizes! cute! It was better than seeing them on the internet. They had Roxy for little kids and Lily Pulitzer(not that I can afford a $150 skirt for a 4 year old but they were nice to look at. They had baby Tevas. I picked up a baby pink pair of UGGS for Gianna for the fall. They are too freakin cute! The store next to it had Juicy, Michael Stars,... Stuff thats also a little OUT OF MY PRICE RANGE. The girls were sooo good at the beach! Gianna pretty much played in her pack n play all day under the umbrella and Hailee played with her cousins just where the tide comes in. I'm too nervous there so I couldn't relax at all. Aaron however just lays down and falls asleep right away. So I'm trying to make sure the kids are hydrated and have full bellies and that Hailee isn't getting wiped out by waves and... the list go's on. Then even when Aaron tells me to just lay down and relax I can't because I'm worried he's not watching close enough. I NEED TO RELAX. I think I need a weekend gettaway. I'm do for one. Aaron took a weekend trip to Atlantic City a few months back so I'm in need. Not that I'm keeping points or anything, BUT I AM! So the rest of the time we pigged out and talked and got busy in the bathroom. Did you guys know that sperm can survive up to a week in your vajooj? It can.A friend of mine was tracking her ovulation trying to get pregnant and she and her husband were together 6 days before she ovulated and she got pregnant! Blew me mind.

Hailee started camp on Monday. I was nervous at first just because she's my little sidekick but I'm really enjoying having a little break. She goes Mon-Fri 10am-4pm. For two weeks. She is POOPED when she gets home! Aarons mom's paying for all her grandchildren to go, so she's with her cousins. It's called Beachmont Christian Camp and a lot of people I know have gone there. They do crafts, swim lessons, paddle boats, puppet shows, sports and a bunch of other stuff. Today my sister in law brought my nephew over, he's soooo cute. He'll be one month July 4th. My friend Marissa stopped by too. She said she was going to check out my blog today. Hey Riss, Love you! I miss Marissa Her and I were roomates when I kicked Hailee's dad out of my apartment. We lived together for a while. She's watched Hailee grow up into a little girl. She was my maid of honor in my wedding. Her dad also passed away from a brain tumor before mine did. It was so crazy. We were definitely brought together for a reason! She's Hailee's Godmother and has been there for us through a lot. I luv luv her:0)

So thats what been going on lately. I really need clean the clutter too. The landlord came by today and my house is starting to look like Sanford and Son. Not to mention there was Hailee's hamster sitting by the door and we are not allowed to have ANY kind of pet at ANY time on the premises. He's too nice to say anything though. Maybe he thought my sister in law carries that along with her newborn on outings? I'm not quite sure about that. I do know however that Gianna was crying upstairs but Aaron didn't hear her. Why? Because he's been asleep since five. Yeah baby had a rough day playing Golf in a tournament in the heat! But it was FOR BUSINESS! I cooked dinner, took it upstairs to him and he fell back asleep. I wonder how that feels? What if I cooked dinner, we ate and I said" Why don't you clean up I'm going to bed" Yeah! That would be normal! I couldn't do that though. I know that the kids need baths and they need to be put to bed, I need to get Hailee's camp stuff together, throw in some laundry, do the dishes. Man was I cussing inside tonight the whole time asking God to make me humble:0) Ok, I'm done bitching for real this time! I still love my husband.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


So I just ate again with my family! Treat me like the pig that I am! It was my brothers 31st birthday so we went out to eat some scavengers. This is after mamac-ta and I went out for a lovely lunch with my kiddos.(Anne suggested we do so) We ate Italian with breads and topped it off with dessert. She has a full description of our dessert's on her blog. I had a peacefull ride home because both kids are crashed out.( Hailee definitely had her daily sugar allowance today!)Then three hours later I'm on my way to Wet Willy's crab house to indulge in some more eating. I had coconut shrimp, two jumbo scavengers(Why do we pick apart scavengers that feed on dead bodies at the bottem of the ocean?), Man were they good though!, huge ear of corn, piece of key lime pie and washed it down with a corona. I sure am going to LOOK SEXY in my bathing suit at the beach tommorow while all the little teenage girls with tight bodies play frisbee behind us. My husband will get an eye full then want to go back to the place for a romp in the sack where I will ride him till the cows come home. With Gianna asleep in her Pack-n-play next to the bed. Enough about Wet Willy's though. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAD! We love you! So I'm off to bed because I have to get up early and pack for the beach. Then we have to stop by Target on our way for beach related items and a baithing suit that fits me. My old ones are a bit snug. Don't ever let me complain about not losing those last stubborn 15lbs. You heard what my day consisted of and what I consumed. You guys have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I stole this from many people so here goes:

1) I'm a very happy person
2) I love life
3) I LOVE my kids sooo much
4) Of course they are the smartest, cutest...
5) I love my husband
6) He is a gift from God
7) God has blessed us so much
8) I am very close to my family
9) My dad died two years ago this past May 20th
10) He had a rare brain tumor that is mostly found in children
11) He was the best dad
12) I always compare every man to him
13) It was very hard when they took him off the respirator, he was in a coma
14) We were in the room and I held his hand while he passed
15) God has helped us through it
16) He got to see Hailee being born
17) He loved my husband and couldn't wait for him to pop the question.
18) He bought my wedding dress and was there when I tried it on
19) He helped pick out the reception site
20) He passed 5 months before my wedding
21) I felt him there
22) We smelled roses after he died
23) Other people in my family smelled them at their house too
24) They say that it's the blessed mother
25) I'm a practicing Roman Catholic
26) You don't have to agree with me
27) I hate racism
28) I used to be a heroin addict
29) I haven't used drugs in 8 years
30) It's not even an option for me
31) I think I just grew up
32) I spent everyday in downtown Baltimore
33) In the HIZZOOD
34) One of the guys I got my drugs from made me pull over and call my mom.
35) He looked like a babyface version of Ice Cube
36) He actually cared
37) Or was thinking, I need to get this crazy ass white girl out of my hair
38) I'm free from that
39) My parents never did drugs
40) I had a wonderful childhood
41) Just got mixed up with the wrong people
42) It really does take one time
43) My life did a 365 degree turn
44) I wouldn't be who I am today if I hadn't experienced that
45) I always wanted to be a mom
46) I have the best mom
47) My parents have always been supportive
48) I drove across the country with a friend after I graduated high school
49) It was awesome
50) Some of my favorite places were, Tennesse, New Orleans, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona(Sedona), Utah(MOAB, Arches National Park, Great Salt Lake Desert), California( too many to name) and Grand canyon of course.
51) We thought we would camp
52) We stayed in hotels and with relatives
53) We didn't didn't camp once
54) We still thought we were hippies
55) We picked up two hitchhikers
56) We took them to Cracker Barrel
57) We learned how to make hemp necklaces in Berkeley,Cali
58) We visited Haight Ashbury
59) My parents took Mamac-ta and I to see the play HAIR
60) The actors invited us to go to the after party, we couldn't cuz we were like 16 yrs old
61) I'm not a very good house keeper
62) I'm working on the that
63) I can't wait to get a house of our own
64) We're out growing this one
65) I always wanted to do something in the biology field
66) I always wanted to be a mom more
67) I keep thinking I want to be a nurse too
68) I'm not done having kids so nursing school might be difficult
69) We use NFP as birth control
70) I want to have 2 more children
71) I may end up having ten unless I start doing NFP the right way
72) People seem to think I'll end up with 10 kids
73) I say HELL NO!
74) I miss making out with my husband in parking lots
75) I need to go on more dates with my husband
76) Did I say I LOVE my husband?
77) I hate when my kids hold their breath when they cry
78) It scares the crap out of me!
79) I think of ways to protect them if anyone tried to take them
80) Hailee tries to control the radio in the car
81) Her favorite song right now is " Boom I got Your Boyfriend"
82) It's the clean version
83) We love Hip-hop and Rap
84) When she was one and we said drop it like it's hot, she dropped her little booty to the floor
85) We are always laughing
86) My husband and I act like 5 yr olds together
87) We love to play pranks on one another
88) He farts and scratches his balls a lot
89) I still love him
90) He works really hard for our family
91) He tells me he loves me and how lucky he is every day
92) He really loves our kids
93) He has great morals
94) I cant wait to see what the future holds
95) I'm such a lucky girl
96) I need to get out more
97) I love romantic comedies
98) Did I say I love my family and friends yet?
99) I hate typing with one finger
100) I've never had to pee so bad in my entire life!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Tonight I found Tons of Grateful Dead bootlegs cassette tapes, The Pogues, G Love and special sauce, Chackademus, Dylan, Tool, Jimmy Cliff and Echo and The Bunnymen. I found an old pair of Doc Martens! Portfolio of Artwork, Hailee's little Kimono that I got from China Town in NYC just a bunch of stuff. Mamac-ta, I still have to go through the box with our notebooks in them, but when I do, I'm bringing them to your house! Maybe I'll post them on here! Just kidding, I wouldn't do that silly! But I do have some pretty cute pictures of us! We were standing next to the painted up VW BUS. I'm pooped. Until next time.


The sound of Gianna wacking me in my tooth with a wooden brush after I told her to brush her hair!

So anyway tonight I will be going to my mom's to go through all my old stuff. A trip down memory lane. AHHH! I love all my old stuff. She bought a condo and is moving out of the house which she made a wonderful home for my dad and brothers! I had a wonderful childhood there and will miss that house sooo bad. I still feel like it's more my home than the house I live in now. But my mom is making the right decision after much debating about it. You see my Dad passed away two years ago this past MAY 20th. My mom didn't know whether to keep it or sell it. But has decided to sell it. It's definitely the best for her. It's too much upkeep and she'll have a fresh start at this new condo. Which is very nice. Lots of room and perfect for my mom. Also she'll be upstairs from her old neighbors! I'm very excited for her and know she'll be happy there;0)
Theres a ton of my old stuff heres just some of the stuff I came across. (Aaron won't let me keep all of it. I guess I'll have to freakin let go at some point.) : Sit & Spin, Cabbage Patch Kids, Kusa's, Preemies, Track ball, My Little Ponies, Naked Barbies, Books galore- Little house on the prarie, Bearenstain Bears, Elemetary school Reading books, Nancy Drew, Stuffed animals- Rainbow Brites Murky Dismo , Roger Rabbit, FeFe Le femme, Popples(turn them inside out), Puffalumps, Pound puppies, Boglins(Vlob), Snoopy... My old sticker collection. Halter tops from Grateful Dead shows, wooden sled... Notebooks that Mamac-ta and I passed around in school:0) , Clay beads I made with Fimo. Old artwork. Just a ton of stuff. Hopefully I'll be able to part with some of it! Wish me luck! Gotta go The baby's a whinin'


So I had this really strange dream that I was in Bel Air, my town not the one in Cali. I was in some Athletic Club or mall or something with Hailee and my cousin Michelle(Aaron's cousins wife) So all of a sudden we are in a big hole in the ground and some govt. aggency is covering all of us with dirt. I guess it was some type of concentration camp or an attempt at population control. Then it looked like a big dome of dirt was surrounding us. But I knew that they would continue to add dirt until we were all buried. All I knew was that I was getting the hell out of there! So I chipped away a place where I could fit my body through and was wondering why all of these dumb asses weren't doing the same! So I spent my dream trying to duck these special agents that wanted to throw me back in the dirt concentration camp. Running through neighborhoods, airports, fences and yards. Then I lost Hailee at some point but found her again. I don't know but when I woke up I was a bit disturbed. Now I'm in need of coffee and we're out of sugar. I'm going to have to go write a check at Starbucks for some coffee and grub. I'll take a ICED VENTI SKIM CARAMEL MACCHIATO over regular coffee any day! Sometimes it's good to be poor:0)

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Park Time

Park Time
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You can see the worm hitching a ride!

Worm Ride

Worm Ride
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No this is not a dangler that came out of my daughter. She's actually giving this half dead worm a ride to the park.

She really wants Starbucks

She really wants Starbucks
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This kid really likes to make The Fish Face!

Gianna is communicating to MARS

Gianna is communicating to MARS
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Hailee was rubbing Gianna's ear as usual and it seems like Gianna picked up a signal.

Three Loves

Three Loves
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We went to the park. We had a great day!


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WE LOVE YOU HONEY !!! I really wan't to list all the reasons I love you but baby is screaming and I'm afraid she's going to wake you up.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Whats that smell?

Why it's the smell of my Power Book G4 resting on top of my clean laundry that I haven't folded yet. This thing gets so hot. It's wrong. I always put a pillow on my lap but still can feel the heat. I wanted to have a drink to wind down the evening but I'm a little nauseated for some reason. No not pregnant. I'm in CODE RED as we speak. Pretty quiet around here now. Hailee's at mom-moms, Gianna's asleep, Aarons laying on the couch and I'm typing away with one finger. I should be asleep. Hey is anyone else in love with the movie, LOVE ACTUALLY? Cuz I am! Now I wan't to go to England. Actually I wan't to go everywhere. Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia... I wan't to see some culture! I wan't to see rainforests and jungles and take water specimens from rivers and look at mountains and volcanos! I need to get out of this town for a while. I'm getting that itch. I just don't want my kids or pets to be eaten by Lions in my backyard in Africa. Or have to endure all the shots required to go to Africa. ONE DAY, AHHHHHH!

Friday, June 17, 2005

A Moments peace!

I feel like I can't get a moments peace! Gianna is sleeping in her infant carrier. I just wanted to sit here on the computer with no other noise. Hailee is irritating me. I told her to go up and play. She's standing at the top of the steps making little noises. I know that I am her entertainment all day but sometimes you can't even hear yourself think. Everytime I sit down for a second someone needs their butt wiped. I guess this is the signal to myself that I need to get out of the house without the kiddos. Happy mommy makes happy babies right? Even to go to the store by myself would be nice. It's my fault because I need to make more time for myself. Actually take more time. But as a wife and mother it's mainly my job right. I have to schedule time with my husband to get out. But this is what I love to be doing. I wouldn't have it any other way. Thats just the way it goes. They can golf after work and shower and get ready freely, Go outside and wash and wax their cars and our main responsibility is the kids and the upkeep of the house. I really don't mind usually but right now I need a break! YA FEEL ME? YA HEARD! S-N-double O-P-D-O-double-Ga-Zeeeeee


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So I snuck in and Gianna was trying to eat the fish in her aquarium.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Anyone, Anyone, Anyone, Bueller, Bueller, Bueller

Has Anyone in the history of mankind ever had success at using their home treadmill? Because for some reason when I get on ours, I am forced to get off after 5 min due to the fact that I just HAVE TO GET OFF OF IT. I don't know but I can not get motivated to get on that thing! I use it to hang clothes on. It's a nice one too. It inclines and shows your calories...My mom gave it to me because she never used it, except to hang clothes on. Aaron told me I would never use it. He was right . I need motivation. Maybe if it was in our living room and I had to look at it all the time. But it's in our basement. Finished basement but still down there!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


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I'd just like to share how happy I am that this little darling has been sleeping through the night lately! She goes to bed every night at 8:00pm and sleeps until about 6:00 or 7:00am. Did I mention that she's sleeping in her crib? What a concept huh? This just boggles my mind because Hailee pretty much slept with me until she was two and got her own cool room. See she would nurse like once in the middle of the night then sleep until 10am. Then we'd wake up and go to Starbucks every morning.(I worked there for 5 years and still feel like an employee) But Gianna wanted to nurse ALL NIGHT LONG, ALL NIGHT YEAH ALL NIGHT LONG... So I was feeling pretty insane from lack of sleep. I had to start putting her down and letting her cry in increments. Aaron would try to go and get her and I would turn into demon wife" DON"T YOU DARE GO IN THERE" It was rough because we didn't do it all at once it took time over the last 3 or 4 months and now SUCCESS!!! If you all are having sleep issues I don't recommend waiting as long as I did. I was talking to my friend Renee who is 27 and pregnant with #4 and shes thinking she'll be starting to let the baby cry it out at about BIRTH this time. Just kidding. We all know it's easier to keep em in bed when your nursing. Except when the baby's sucking on your boob and your husband starts rubbing your butt. Then it's a little strange.I've had to say umm Hello I'm getting action from both ends by two different age groups. CHILL while I'm feeding! So I'm very happy! Which is why I should be taking advantage of this time and get in my bed right now. I need to catch up from the last 9 months.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


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Fun in the sun

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It rubs the suntan lotion on it's skin or it gets the hose again

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It was swealtering today! While Gianna was napping I let Hailee play in the baby pool on the deck! I was in control of the hose(JUST WHERE I LIKE TO BE) while Hailee frolicked in her pool. She almost gave me a heart attack though. I was afraid she was going to slip and crack her head open. Isn't that a nice thought! I'm a paranoid mama, This is what it would sound like if you were in the yard next door" Be careful, be careful, Hailee be careful, be careful, be careful, Hailee be careful, Hailee don't slip, Hailee be careful" She probably wanted to punch me in the face:0) WE had a blast though.


So I'm sitting here crying because Aaron informed me that we have to sell my Yukon and I'll have to drive his parents old van. I know, I know I'm being stupid. I'm just upset that he just got a 7 series BMW. The company is supposed to pay for his. I love his new car but now I have to give up my car. I liked it because it's so easy with the kids The van will be to. I love, love love my car. I really just need to stop being selfish and suck it up. It's only so we can get out of debt and actually buy a house! I should be willing to do anything for my family and I am. You'd think it was the end of the world when he told me. He said um honey your not Paris Hilton! I was trying not to laugh and remain angry. I don't think I would have over reacted so bad if I didn't just get my monthly visitor. I'll blame it on hormones! Boy was I fired up. Looking back He must have thought I was a selfish bitch! I'm really not a materialistic person. I know that you have to make sacrafices in your marriage. I must have some serious hormonal issues. It's like I have this anger inside of me or something. Usually I'm so laid back and care free.Then I snap and cry and cuss at my husband. I never cuss at anybody! I don't do it often but when I do I really feel bad. He doesn't deserve it. Maybe my body is still adjusting. Who knows. You go through not being pregnant to being pregnant to not being pregnant to breastfeeding to well in my case pregnant again then misscarriage then not nursing... Maybe I'm just crazy I don't know. But I know I LOVE my husband and kids. They are what I live for and I wouldn't rather be anywhere but here and now. Does anyone else have weirde hormonal spells, where their husband looks at them like they need to be shipped off to the funny farm? At least we laugh about it later:0)

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Excitement, Excitement

Wow, I've had a pretty awesome weekend! Saturday morning, my friend Amy picked me up and took me to The Oddessey Day Spa for a day of PAMPERING. Let me just tell you. First was a 30 min massage followed by a facial, which was just as good as the massage. My skins in pretty good condition actually. I just wash it with Dove soap and then follow with Dermalogica(Active Moist) moisturizer. That stuff is awesome! I can only afford it because my friend Marissa works at a spa and gets it 50% off. Anyway after the facial we had lunch by this fountain and a glass of red wine. No, it wasn't Merlot for all of you that were wondering. I was feeling a little tipsy (yes, I'm a light weight) and started talking a little louder and kept banging my glass on the China plate. I really wanted a cigarette too! Not that I smoke anymore, but crave one when I have a drink. Don't lie I'm sure you do too! So after lunch we had a manicure and pedicure which they should have just pulled out the sand blaster. I'm sure they've seen worse, But I haven't had one in like 9 months! After that we got our hair washed with a scalp massage, Blow job(we had to pay with them) Just kidding, Blow dry and last but not least our makeup done. It was great!! But the make-up lady made my lips look like a Geisha girl's. She gave me small lips. Strange, I'm use to my DSL'S. How ya like them apples?? THANKS AMY FOR A WONDERFUL B-DAY PRESENT!!! We decided we are going to give the gift of beauty to each other from now on. That way we'll get to do it twice a year! Today, My friend Jen, had her beautiful baby boy! 6lbs 8oz! Little guy! So perfect! Nice olive skin, black hair. He looks just like her. We all drove down to the hospital to see them after we left the awesome surprise POOL PARTY we were at with tons of great people and food! Does anyone one love FRESH GUACAMOLE and beer bread as much as me? I really can't get enough of guacamole. I'm done now:0) Just had to share (Thanks for sharing, keep coming back, it works if you work it, so work it your worth it)JK:0)

Saturday, June 11, 2005

You can take the girl out the ghetto but ya cant take the ghetto out the girl

Well kinda, as much as I enjoyed hanging out in abandoned houses downtown 8 years ago , I'd like to get a house to call our own! The place we live in right now is perfect for us. It's just getting a little to cluttered. It has three bedrooms which are pretty small. If we have another baby we'll definitely need to move. Our plan is to wait a year and see if the prices of houses go down around here! You can't get a four bedroom house around here for less than $400,000.00! I know that in other places in the U.S they may be more but around here they are pretty much maxed out. Did I mention that these houses don't even really have a yard?! I want some property for my kids to run around on! So my main question was, does anyone elses car payments together equal more than what they pay for rent or mortgage? Because ours sure do and I'm not quite sure that thats the way to go. We can't really save any money. We'll probably have to cut some monthly bills out that we don't need.:0( We pay about $975 for rent,BGE and water (lucky we're renting from a friend of the family!) My last apartments rent was $1005.00! Our monthly car payments equal $1065. The company pays for his but it's his company. So not really. I'm done my griping!;0)

Friday, June 10, 2005

Mike & Nerissa's little boy, Xavier

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Mike & Nerissa

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Our friends Mike and Nerissa came to visit from Arizona. They're awesome and it was so good to see them! We want to visit them soon. Aaron has never really experienced the beauty of the west, so I think it's time for a vacation! (Sedona AZ, Moab,Arches Natl Park, Great Salt Lake Desert, Grand Canyon, Lake Tahoe(Where my VW couldn't handle the altitude and broke down. We ate at the seedxling cafe though, YUM and my list could go on and on:0))Oh Did I mention California north and south, how could I forget!. So hopefully soon!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

How can I say no to this face?

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Toadally Fruity

Does anyone know about toad care? We were at a friends BBQ this weekend and they caught a toad! Hailee with her little love for all living creatures was so excited wanting to keep it! How could I say no to that face! So we have the toad and know nothing about caring for it. She was outside trying to catch BIG ASS black ants to feed it yesterday! Maybe she could just go downstairs in the basement and find him a gourmet meal of wolf spiders, thousand leggars(MY WORST!) and crickets. This is the little girl who was so infatuated with picking up and catching the Cecadas when they came last year after being gone for 17 years. One time we were on a walk and she was holding one the proper way by pinching its wings together. I was pregnant with Gianna at the time. I looked down to see that this big bug was missing his thorax but still alive! I almost hurled all over my daughter because something was oozing out of the part that was sill living! People had fun with these things! In DC they were like a delicacy served and prepared like crawfish. MMMMMM! WHAT A TREAT! Isn't your mouth watering just thinking about it? How bout covered in chocolate? people were pretty much using them in fondue! EWWW!

Monday, June 06, 2005

How do you do it?

No, this is not a sex question. That would make for a good post. However , I'm wondering how you guys deal with dinner at your house? Until now, I would just go to the store, get some meat, sides, snacks... Then decide that day what I'm going to fix for dinner. Do all of you plan your meals for the week , then shop accordingly? Do you have dinner ready when your husband comes home? Cuz thats what mine want's. I don't blame him. I'm just still getting use to having 2 kids so I'm trying. I probably should try harder. Do your husbands cook at all? I just wan't the scoop. So whats the dilleo?

Saturday, June 04, 2005


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Have you ever seen a pony ride in your front yard? The petting Zoo came to my neighbors for a b-day party! It was so weirde! A goat was tied up to the telephone pole:0) But look at this cutie!


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How cute are these 3 girls?!


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Hailee aka Darth Vader


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Check out my cutie brother in his scrubs! Isn't he glowing with happiness!


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Here's the baby! John the 3rd. Maybe to be called Trey. After 28 long hours of hard labor! Meghans doing great! We're going to head down to the hospital this evening! I will leave you with some more pictures from today.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Still Waiting

So my poor sister in law is nine days over due! Poor girl! They admitted her last night at 9:00pm and administered cervadil(cervical gel, I'm sure I didn't have to tell you ladies about that). Don't ask me why they made it that late. Usually inductions happen in the morning. Anyway that didn't work , So this morning they started the pitocin at 7:00am. It is now 2:16pm and she's only 2 cm. So keep her in your prayers and I'll post when she has the bambino. I'm waiting until hubby gets home to go down there so he can take the kiddos and I can hopefuly catch the birth!! I've never seen it from that angle! BTW it's supposed to be a boy!

Thursday, June 02, 2005


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Amy and Hailee


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Hailee and I outside the aquarium


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More of B-MORE


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Power Plant Baltimore W/ Hard Rock Cafe