Sunday, May 29, 2005


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So, I was wondering if I should make another one of these? Aaron and I had originally said that we would try again when Gianna was one. But she's 9 months now and I'm kinda enjoying not being pregnant right now. Not to mention that I still have about 15lbs to lose to get back to my desired weight.(see my wedding picture in my flckr badge)That was post Hailee. 3 months after Hailee was born I was back to my starting weight. I had gained 60lbs with both of my pregnancies! I would like to lose the rest of my baby weight before I get pregnant again. But hell, we're Catholic which means NFP (natural family planning) I basically just look at the calender and say. 'maybe we shouldn't do it now" or "this seems like an okay day" I don't test my"MUCUS" all the time and take my temperature. I probably will eventually so I don't end up with 10 kids. If you do it correctly it is effective. I also wan't to have a non pregnant vacation this year. Also I wanted to go away with Aaron, just the two of us before I get pregnant again. We had the best time on our honey moon! We went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic!! UM, PARADISE! So, I got pregnant with Gianna(#2) The second month we were married. Boy did my new husband have it in for him. We didn't live together before we were married and I already had Hailee. So basically he adjusted to being hubby, daddy(which he's a great one BTW!) to a two year old and me the Psycho pregnant, non-dish doing wife. Anyway thats a whole other story and to make a long story short a part of me wouln't mind getting pregnant soon because I wan't my next one to be closer in age and my next one after that to be too. I'm 27 now and I still want to be young having youngins. So, what do you guys think about that? Not that they will be hanging off of your boobs or keeping you up all night. But I wouldn't mind some feedback. Mom, you don't have to answer this one, I already know what you think(but I love you):0)

Saturday, May 28, 2005

I would love to get these for the girls!

Check out these shoes, how freakin' cute are they! . If they weren't so damn expensive! But I love them! They have other really cool shoes too. Thanks to the link from Mamac-ta! I'll write more later I had too much coffee and nothing to eat! I'm starting to feel a little shakey, paranoid, edgey, psychotic and schizzo my nizzo. Oh and the members of my family need to eat. I don't know why my link didn't work but you can just go there and look. They are Giraffe mary janes. I'm starting to get irritated because I'm HTML illiterate! HELP ME!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


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So tommorow my friend Amy and I are heading downtown to Baltimore to one of our favorite lunch spots in little Italy! I'm so excited! We're going to Della Note. They have the most amazing cheese ravioli w/ cremini mushrooms in a sherry cream sauce. OHHH MYYY are they tastey! Served with assorted breads and olive oil for dipping. I'm sure we'll top that off with some tirimisu. I guess I'll have to start my diet on Monday! Can't start on a weekend , theres just to much good food to be eaten! A drink would be nice too, but we're taking Gianna and Hailee to The Baltimore Aquarium afterwards. It's pretty impressive there.It should be for $17.95 and $10.95 for Hailee!! Thats highway robbery! Did anyone know that male seahorses carry and birth the babies? ( Anne probably did.) I think thats awesome! Theres a huge exhibit there. BTW look at how beautiful Amy is. (pictured above) She needs a good man sent her way. She's in her PRIME!! Her bodies telling her GET IT ON! MAKE BABIES! She needs a husband and I'm going to find her one!

Gianna's upstairs crying in her crib as I type. She's going through this phase where she doesn't want to go in there! She use to not even want to be rocked. She use to fall asleep when I put her down. Now she want's to sleep in my arms. It took me forever to get her to fall asleep on her own , now I gotta do it all over. I think it's because my husband can't stand to hear her cry, God love him, so he likes to go in to rock her at the tiniest wimper. He just likes to hold her. Hailee slept in my bed with me from birth to like 2 1/2. But I vowed that this one would sleep in her crib! In the beginning she was with us til about 6 months.Then I got pregnant again and decided she had to sleep in her own bed. She was like nursing throughout the night. I was exhausted! Unfortunately I miscarried but I stuck to it! Anyway I was sick of knockin boots on the couch! Sorry to anyone who's sat on my couch! I always thought there were like little microscopic embryo's growing between the cushions.EWWW! THATS GROSS! On that note I'll sign off now:0)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


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Look how happy this baby is. I can't ever be mad at her because she is just so damn cute and happy ALL the time! Despite the fact that I was up shortly after 5am sucking snot out of her nose with one of those nasal aspirators. Then we went downstairs to get something to eat and I dropped one of my FAVORITE glasses from PIER ONE , which shattered into a million pieces on my kitchen flloor! I wanted to leave it there so bad but of course I cleaned it up so neither my husband or child would come downstairs disoriented and slice off one of their toes! So I just had to face the fact that I wasn't going back to sleep. well I'm off to go get a coffee, turn off the alarm clock that is BLARING next to my sleeping husband head(How can he not HEAR that?BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!!) and go take Hailee Bean to preschool. I think maybe when the kids are in college I'll get to be in a deep sleep! Oh, Haille just turned it off.:0)


Ok Mrs. Leslie, here are the answers to your questions:

#1-Total # of films that I own? Including my kiddizzles? Probably around 60 or so. Alot of them being BABY EINSTEIN!!

#2-The last fim I bought? White Noise. I don't know why, because now I'm scared I'm going to hear something on the FREAKING BABY MONITOR!! It's bad when you hope that your 4 year old is awake when your husband had to go back to work in the evening!

#3-The last film I watched?- Do kid movies count? The last film I put on for me to enjoy was Practical Magic. (love that movie)

#4-Five films which mean alot to me? Goodfellas(my dad loved that one too!, The Family Man (feel good movie), 13 going on 30(love it), Man on Fire(one of the best all around movies I've seen lately), True Romance(If you haven't already seen it, it's one your husbands will enjoy too. Action packed, not what it sounds like) There are so many others that I love and can't think of, but theres 5 of them:0)

#5-Tag 6 people and have them write this in their journal.-I TAG, Mamac-ta, KB(If you feel like writing on your photo blog), Anne, Heaven Sent(Lisa), Mamaquita, LIL Baby G (Rachel) I don't know how to link it straight to you guys! Still learning!

Monday, May 23, 2005


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We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of little John the 3rd! My beautiful sister-in-law is due like NOW! So we are just waiting for that call! Where I will just drop everything and fly to the hospital to try to catch the birth of my nephew whom I hope comes out looking like me! Whenever I'm out with her everyone always says"OH how old are your children they have your eyes" or something along those lines! I have to say "UM THEIR MY KIDS!" That Italian gene just overpowers the blonde haired, blue eyed one. Anyway, can't wait to see you little guy and lets hurry it up!!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Answers to my interview

These are the answers to my interview from ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY:
#1-What important things have I put off to read Blogs? A- What haven't I put off really.Dishes, we don't have a dishwasher. so while I should be washing dishes from the night before I'm reading blogs while Gianna is napping. If you saw the mountain of clothes that need to be washed, folded or put away, then you'd know my butt should be doing that! If I really wanted to lose the last 10-15lbs of baby weight then I'd be sweatin' on the treadmill instead of checking to see if you all are losing that baby weight! Just assume I should be getting a lot more done. I wonder if they sell a RATHER BE BLOGGING bumper sticker and if they don't no one better steal my idea!
#2-If I had two sons would my life be different?A- I don't know. I'd love em just the same, but God gave me two precious girls and they are my heart! Maybe the next one will be a boy! I'd sure like to have one. I'd probably try two more times for one.
#3-How did I meet my husband? A- I worked at Starbucks and my boss hooked us up! I knew we would be together after our first date! He took me to a really nice restaurant in the city which was on top of The Hyatt hotel. It overlooked the Harbor water and the city lights. How romantic. Then we went to Little Italy to Vaccaros to get a Gelati. He walked me around the places in Little Italy where his family grew up. Then we went to his office, burned a cd and he gave me a back massage while listening to this Maxwell song . Man was I on fire! But much to my dismay he was a perfect gentelman! We kissed when he dropped me off. The rest is History. I had him hooked! Begging for more!
#4-Have you ever stolen anything? A- Nothing while I was sober! I'll just say back in the day I dabbled in a little more than the average bear! You know you don't surround yourself with the greatest people when your hanging out in those GALLERY houses downtown in DA HOOD.Anyway that was like 8 years ago literally! If i forget to pay for lipstick in my cart at Target I bring it back in and pay for it. I have too much of a guilty conscience to take anything these days!
#5-Are you happy? A- Yes , Yes, Yes I'm finally at peace! I have my knight in shining armor, A wonderful family, his and mine!, two beautiful, sweet little girls and a relationship with God. Everything I have always wanted. I am truely, truely blessed!
There you have it!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Neverending Story

So I just got back from my friends baby shower , which was great by the way, she's having a boy. Three of my friends are pregnant right now! Actually it was four until Michelina had her baby on April 23rd. YAY! Anyway they are all expecting boys! Mamac-ta is one of those! How cute is she?! So I walk upstairs to Hailee's room , where she is watching The Neverending Story. I love that movie! It reminds me of being a kid watching it. You know that feeling you get when you watch some of those old movies? It's great reliving your childhood through your children. So she's like , I can't find my favorite cd! I look and she's sleeping with my old cassette tape TOOL , OPIATE. She's been carrying this around with her all day! While we were at the community center for my friends baby shower, she ran up to my MIL and said , "This is my favorite cd mom-mom!" It's not like Hailee knows whats even on there. It's just the fact that she showed my mother in law who is the sweetest most religious woman, this tape cover. Have you ever seen the cover? It's like this alien/demon guy in a priests attire. Not to mention the names of the songs. One of them JERK OFF. I said "Oh thats mine!" She's probably wondering why her son married this heathen!. Nah, she loves me:0) Hailee takes to bed with her some strange stuff, you gotta love her. Some nights she sleeps with my husbands poker chips. Other nights it's a hair brush or other random objects she's come across, that she thinks are cool. Oh and also a few of her million stuffed animals! So, do your kids take strange stuff to bed with them?

Friday, May 20, 2005

My First Post

Hello Blogosphere! This is my first post. I cant promise you that I'll have perfect punctuation and grammer all the time, but I'll try! I'm really excited about this. I've been thinking about starting a Blog for a couple of months. My good friend Mamac-ta got me hooked on reading other peoples blogs! Now I've been fiending for more everyday like a heroin addict sits in his car and waits for his drug runner to come back with his dope! I'm just looking forward to having something thats my own that I created. Blogging is my time . Actually it's somewhat on my childrens time! Yeah I'll admit somedays my little girl is sitting there asking me to play with her while mommy is checking up on all your beautiful babies. I'll need everyone to remind me that there is something called housework that needs to be done. Now thanks to Mamac-ta who helped me set up my blog, I now have one of my very own.
Let me just tell you, I'm a 27 year old stay at home mom to 2 beautiful, sweet little girls! I can honestly say I am married to my soulmate, the man of my dreams, who treats me like gold. I have a wonderful family , with whom I spend a lot of time with and anything I complain about is probably petty in the big scheme of things. Life is good today. I really enjoy blogging because I like relating to other people! Ecspecially other moms! So I hope I don't bore you all to death and I welcome all your comments! Bring it! :0)