Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Church Is Paying Off

Gianna reaching for another cookie.
Aaron: "No more cookies Gianna it's almost dinner time."
Gianna: (rolls her eyes) "Jesus, Mary and Joseph"
Aaron: (Cracking up) " Did you just hear what she said?"
Me: "Where did you hear that Gianna"
Gianna: "Church"

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Through a child's eyes

As we were driving back from mass last night it was really dark out. Hailee squeals with delight from the back seat: "I just saw the cutest baby deer lying by the side of the road!" "really?" I replied. Knowing it was a dead one I looked at Aaron and waited to hear what was coming next. "It was so young it didn't have any skin yet!, I couldn't even stand it, it's face was so cute!" Aaron and I silently laughed our asses off. Not that the poor thing was dead. Just How our daughter perceived the crime scene.

All is well here. We've just been really busy it being the end of summer and all. I've had to run a million places for documents and health records so Hailee can start first grade and Gianna pre- school two days a week. I'm excited for Hailee but nervous at the same time. I loved elementary school but know I started losing a little of my innocence around 5th grade. I decided I'll take her to school everyday and pick her up. Just to eliminate the crap on the bus. Even though I know she'd love it. But like I said, I am really excited for her she really likes school and I never had to fight her to do homework or anything.

Aaron's brother and his family are here in Maryland visiting. They have four kids, his other brother has three and we have two so the kids all love it. We're headed to the beach on Saturday with the whole fam. We're staying right on the beach so everyone's looking forward to it. Then two days after we return, Hailee starts school.

All is well with the baby on the way. I'm not as sick, just had one trip to the hospital for fluids. I must have dehydrated quickly. It only took one day and my veins were shriveled up. It's lovely when they keep blowing your veins trying to give you an IV of fluids. I asked if I could just drink a glass of water for the love of god! No was the answer. I knew I could have done it myself if they would have let me ;o) Finally after 4 or 5 tries it was in. But for this baby it's all worth it. I get more and more excited everyday. I cant wait to hold our baby. Just six months to go. Once my belly gets bigger I'll post pictures, but really it hasn't popped out yet. The only thing growing is my thighs.