Wednesday, May 25, 2005


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So tommorow my friend Amy and I are heading downtown to Baltimore to one of our favorite lunch spots in little Italy! I'm so excited! We're going to Della Note. They have the most amazing cheese ravioli w/ cremini mushrooms in a sherry cream sauce. OHHH MYYY are they tastey! Served with assorted breads and olive oil for dipping. I'm sure we'll top that off with some tirimisu. I guess I'll have to start my diet on Monday! Can't start on a weekend , theres just to much good food to be eaten! A drink would be nice too, but we're taking Gianna and Hailee to The Baltimore Aquarium afterwards. It's pretty impressive there.It should be for $17.95 and $10.95 for Hailee!! Thats highway robbery! Did anyone know that male seahorses carry and birth the babies? ( Anne probably did.) I think thats awesome! Theres a huge exhibit there. BTW look at how beautiful Amy is. (pictured above) She needs a good man sent her way. She's in her PRIME!! Her bodies telling her GET IT ON! MAKE BABIES! She needs a husband and I'm going to find her one!

Gianna's upstairs crying in her crib as I type. She's going through this phase where she doesn't want to go in there! She use to not even want to be rocked. She use to fall asleep when I put her down. Now she want's to sleep in my arms. It took me forever to get her to fall asleep on her own , now I gotta do it all over. I think it's because my husband can't stand to hear her cry, God love him, so he likes to go in to rock her at the tiniest wimper. He just likes to hold her. Hailee slept in my bed with me from birth to like 2 1/2. But I vowed that this one would sleep in her crib! In the beginning she was with us til about 6 months.Then I got pregnant again and decided she had to sleep in her own bed. She was like nursing throughout the night. I was exhausted! Unfortunately I miscarried but I stuck to it! Anyway I was sick of knockin boots on the couch! Sorry to anyone who's sat on my couch! I always thought there were like little microscopic embryo's growing between the cushions.EWWW! THATS GROSS! On that note I'll sign off now:0)


Blogger Anne said...

hahaha! I did know that the male seahorse carries the new baby and nurses it(so that's what male nipples are for!), I didn't know that the male actually gave birth to it. and yes, that is highway robbery. Aren't there any dang coupons or reduced price days? sheezus! And I think you and I are on the same page with child sleeping too. We are trying not to make the same mistake with the 2nd one that we did with the 1st (who still crawls in our at night). Last night was not a successful crib night. tho. sigh. The nursing is kinda difficult to handle in addition to crib sleeping. Happy tasty lunch with kids!

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Blogger Mama C-ta said...

I hope you guys had fun at the Aquarium! I can't believe it's almost $20 for an adult! Guess they have to pay for that new addition somehow (by the way how and what is that new thing?) Don't they have really cheap admission after 5pm on Friday's... but who wants to go to the aquarium then! We'll have to plan some trips to the museums on their free days.

And man that lunch made my mouth water (except for the 'shrooms but I imagined how great everything else is!) Oh and tiramisu..such light and fluffy goodness. And before any diets are started we have to hit up Vicarro's Monday evenings when they have ALL YOU CAN EAT SWEET ITALIAN DESSERTS!! Gluttonfest!

OK anyway, I agree Amy needs a GOOD man, she's super sweet! Too bad I never know of any good single men :(

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Blogger KB said...

we just went to the aquarium here and yep it is so damn expensive, you'd think you were going to Disney or somethin.

That Ravioli mushroom thingie sounds amazing! I NEED some good Italian food NOW. LOL


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